East Coast Community Skills Fund Grants Awarded

2018 – Round 2

Round 2 of the Fund resulted in financial support to four projects.

The Teacher Scientist Network was awarded £22,985 to provide 12 schools, in the funding area, free access to all the necessary components to run a four week, after-school STEM club, focused on the assembly of a working wind turbine. £20,000 went to STEM Learning to fund an ENTHUSE Partnership in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Franklin College were awarded £12,015 to support students, in their STEM academy, to undertake paid internships, enabling them to gain vital work experience, and £10,000 was awarded to support West Norfolk Academies Trust schools in King’s Lynn, Hunstanton and West Walton, through the West Norfolk STEM Catalyst project.

2017 – Round 1

In 2017, the first £75,000 was divided into the following two strands:

1. Hardship Fund – £20,000 was set aside to help support students facing financial difficulties for course fees or transport to courses. This Fund was  split equally between four colleges within the funding area as follows:

East Riding College – £5,000
Boston College – £5,000
College of West Anglia – £5,000
Grimsby Institute – £5,00

2. STEM Educational Fund Winners- £55,000

Grimsby Institute, a grant of £41,675 to build on existing investment and expertise and create an annual programme of events designed to excite, inform and spark curiosity to over 2000 students in junior, secondary, higher education across the coastal zones of North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, East Riding of Yorkshire and East Lincolnshire.

Alderman Peel High School , a grant of £13,325 develop a sustainable STEM development and outreach project over a two-year period where STEM teachers will work with employers to embed real life project activities into the National Curriculum. It will involve Year 7 and Year 8 students, local employers, teachers and relevant external mentors.