Hallburn Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund Grants Awarded

The following projects have been supported through the Fund.  Grant amounts are shown as the total amount awarded at the time the grant offer was made.


Tree-mendous Learning, Outdoor Well-being Project for Children – £9,160
3rd Longtown Brownies – Adventure Weekend £1,200
Racehorse Rescue Centre, Westlinton – Operational Funding for Charity – £9,500
Longtown Community Centre, IT Provision – £1,950
Longtown Primary School PTA, Upper School Garden Improvement – £4,000
Arthuret Parish Council, Festive Light Enhancement (Solar Power Trees) – £3,220
Hethersgill Parish Hall, Paintwork – £6,000


Arden Explorers Scouts, Attending the Northern Ireland International Scout Camp -£4,000
Longtown Community Centre, United Barriers Longtown Community Centre – £3,000
Longtown Bowling Club, Purchase of Heavy Duty Hedge Cutter – £230
Blackford CE Primary School, Fixed Basketball Posts/Nets and Fencing – £4,000
Shankhill C of E Primary School, Mile Track – £6,000
Fir Ends Primary School, Provision of Chrome Books for Every Child – £11,084
Longtown Primary School PTA, Winter Wonderland – £5,500


Parents Teachers and Friends of Fir Ends, Theatre Royal Family Pantomime Trip – £1,380
Kirklinton (Middle) Parish Council, Additional Improvement Works to the Play Area – £1,040
Kirklinton with Hethersgill PCC, St. Cuthbert’s Church, Kirklinton Churchyard Wall – £6,500
PTA Longtown Primary School, Theatre Trip – £4,000
Longtown Bowling Club, Contribution Towards the End of Year Maintenance – £1,750
Arthuret Parish Council, Enhance Festive Light Displays – £3,000
Longtown Primary School, Girls Football Team – £500
Cathy’s Lunch Club Amenities Fund, Lunch Club Amenities Fund Continuation Project – £2,000
Tree-mendous Learning, Outdoor Learning Skills & Development For Children – £8,000
Kirkandrews on Esk Parish Council, Speed Indicator Devices for Moat & Townfoot – £7,000
Kirkandrews on Esk Parish Council, Townfoot Bus Shelters – £5,462
Hethersgill Social Welfare Committee, Community Social Events 2019 – £1,000
Longtown Primary School PTA, Breakfast Club – £6,000
Hethersgill Parish Council, War Memorial Restoration – £350
Longtown Memorial Hall Community Centre, The Over 50’s Thursday Lunch Club – £7,990
Kirklinton with Hethersgill Parochial Church Council, Churchyard Maintenance – £685
Tree-mendous Learning, Hallburn Parish Schools – £7,600
Arthuret Parish Council, Speed Indication Devices for Longtown – £7,095
Hethersgill Parish Hall, Heating and Lighting Improvements – £10,927


Penny Jones Animal Hospice, Diesel Generator, Installation of Electric Sockets/Lights – £2,240
Bewcastle Scout Group, Camp Equipment – £2,238
1st Longtown Rainbows, Two Girlguiding Events – £1,145
Longtown Flower Show, Towards the Continuation of the Annual Show – £1,000
Arthuret Parish Council, Replacement Play Equipment – £5,017
Border Rambler Rural Transport Services CIC, Bus Service Support – £600
Longtown Memorial Hall Community Centre Ltd, Towards the Continuation of the Youth Project – £5,000
Easton Social Committee, Replacement Heating System and Internal Improvements – £4,000
Longtown Memorial Hall Community Centre, Towards the Continuation of The Thursday Lunch Club – £7,220
Fir Ends Primary School, Support for Outdoor Curriculum, Willow Structures to Provide Shade – £3,500
Kirklinton (Middle) Parish Council, Upgrade of Smithfield Village Play Area – £17,886
Arthuret Parish Council, Festive Lights Enhancement – £3,759


Hethersgill Parish Council, Towards a New Community Website – £600
Longtown Bowling Club, Towards New Club House Windows and Doors – £1,500
Longtown Youth Project, Provide Activities and Services for 11-14 year olds – £2,500
Arthuret Parish Council, New Town Centre Festive Lighting – £2,000
Longtown Childcare Trust, Play Areas and Facilities at the Pear Tree Nursery – £5,000
Arthuret Church Council, Extension to the Churchyard – £2,500
Kirkandrews-on-Esk Parish Council, Superfast Broadband Where Not Available Under Connecting Cumbria Scheme – £16,950
Arthuret Parish Council, Annual Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party – £500
Longtown Detachment Cumbria Army Cadet Force, Purchase New IT Equipment – £1,200
Longtown Women’s Institute, Computer Training Session for the WI – £250