Walney Extension Skills Fund

Introduction and Background

It is widely recognised that the UK will have a shortage of technical and engineering skills needed to meet the UK’s future employment needs. With this in mind, each year, up to £100,000 of the main Fund will be set aside for a “Skills Fund”.

The Skills Fund is divided up into different strands, but its overall aim is to provide educational and learning opportunities for people within the Fund’s benefit area to help to improve their skills and employment opportunities.

To find out which organisations have been awarded grants so far, please click here

Round Four – STEM Educational Fund – Open to Applications

Groups are invited to apply for:

£50,000 to develop and deliver extra curriculum STEM training and/or education courses or a programme of targeted events.

The full £50,000 may be awarded to one organisation or split between a number of groups that apply (minimum grant application £10,000)

Organisations could apply for grants to:

  • Fund the support, enhancement and expansion of existing projects / networks already set up and delivering local benefits on STEM related activities
  • Create and develop new and innovate initiatives across one or more age ranges from early years, primary, secondary, further or higher education.

Applications from all types of groups with STEM delivery experience were accepted, including schools, third sector organisations as well as experienced consultancies.

The funded projects must be delivered within the Main Fund’s benefit area (please view the map below) and can last for up to two years.


Successful applicants are welcome to apply again for the same project, although they may not receive priority over groups that have previously be turned away or those who are applying for the first time. However, you are not eligible to apply if you have a live STEM Educational Fund grant (i.e. it has not completed and has outstanding grant monies).

Only one application, per fund, per organisation is allowed (i.e. you can submit applications to both the ECCF Skills Fund and the Walney Skills Fund).

Please click below to be redirected to the Online Application Form. Please note – when asked for which Fund you are applying to, please select the Walney Extension Skills Fund.